Company Profile

Gavridis Glass Company was established in 1948 by George Gavridis and it successfully continues to achieve its objectives until today by Christos and Panagiotis Gavridis.

In our own premises, 1500 m², a vertically integrated production facility is operated which is capable of producing any kind of application on glasses by using the latest technological equipment along with its highly trained staff. In addition, our design department is able to satisfy the highest needs and requirements.

The significant and the most unique characteristic of our family business is that although our company is considered to be pioneers in decorative glass by always developing innovative ideas along with applying a wide range of processing on both curved and flat glazings by using the latest equipment and materials available in the market, its staff never rests on the current resources and methods of processing the glass but it is constantly looking for new applications on it.

Why Choose Us?

  • We can offer solutions even to the most challenging design requirements.
  • Accuracy and precision of dimensions and designs which is guaranteed by the latest mechanical equipment (Computerized Numerical Control equipment)
  • Glasses which guarantee your safety
  • Energetic efficient glasses which conduce to green growth
  • Highly trained staff
  • Direct service
  • Full support with consistency on a continues basis
  • And our long experience on the glass
...are only some of the reasons that will lead you in choosing us!